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Project Description

“A freak. With cat’s eyes. I know he was here..”



Agaius Lambert’s main antagonist, the man behind the Kaer Morhen pogrom. This character was created for our film, but the possibility of such person’s existence has been hinted by Andrzej Sapkowski (though we cannot say more 😉 ). Agaius, led by his long-lasting envy and hatred of witchers, decided to destroy them with the help of his band of mercenaries. After the Kaer Morhen pogrom his main goal is to find and kill Lambert and to force Ornella to make him the most powerful of men.

Agaius is played by Janusz Szpiglewski (ur. 1980), a bodybuilder and self-taught actor, known mainly as Conan the Barbarian in a fan-made short film „Conan The Cimmerian” (2015).