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Project Description

“Whole squillions of little Dandelions are roaming these lands. But Julian… He’s the least of a bastard out of them all.”


Bard Dandelion

Bard Dandelion – a poet, troubadour and witcher Geralt’s closest friend. Believed to be one of the best minstrels throughout the whole Northern Kingdoms and the very greatest ladies’ man in the world. During his journeys with Geralt, Dandelion started to write his memoirs titled Half a Century of Poetry (which served as a inspiration for the Polish title of our movie). During the main plot of the Saga he is almost forty years old. In our film Dandelion is already in his sixties, his fame diminished, his excesses are becoming forgotten, and the problems with his heart became more and more frequent of a worry.

Dandelion is portrayed by the legend of Polish motion picture – Zbigniew Zamachowski (b. 1961), an actor from over a hundred movies, repeatedly awarded throughout the world, performed in films such as: “Trzy kolory: Biały” (“Three Colours: White”), ”Cześć, Tereska” (“Hi, Tereska”), „Pianista” (“The Pianist”), „Ogniem i mieczem”, (“With Fire and Sword”), “Wałęsa”, “Bogowie”. It is his second adventure with portraying Dandelion, for he already played him in both the movie and TV series “The Witcher” from 2001.