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Project Description

“We’ll deal with her, good sir. I’m training to become a witcher!”


Julian – a character appearing in our film only. Son of bard Dandelion and the famous mercenary, Julia Abatemarco. Julian inherited his parents’ worst traits – he has no musical or poetic talent, like his father, but he is an even bigger skirt chaser. He can’t fight like his mother, but under influence of witcher Lambert, Triss and his own problems – he undergoes a change during the course of the film and becomes braver.

Julian is portrayed by Marcin Bubółka (ur. 1994), a student of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, who has recently debuted in the appraised play “Letters from Russia”, in which he played alongside actors such as Piotr Adamczyk and Adam Ferency, and in Maciej Stuhr’s film “Silence of the Polish Lambs”.