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Project Description

“And then I flay and season them, put them in the oven and eat them, while sipping some Toussaint’s Est Est. Oh no, my dear, my appetite is much bigger than that.”


Sorceress Ornella

Sorceress Ornella character created for the film’s plot. Bored with Aretuza lectures, she studies the secret dark volumes and spells. Fascinated by the dying caste of the witchers, she decides to revive it – she manages to find a legendary Alzur’s Almanac, runs from Aretuza and hides in Temerian wilderness. Ornella kidnaps small children from nearby villages and in the comfort of her hideout experiments on them in purpose of turning the children into witchers. Villagers slowly start telling horrifying stories about a cannibal-witch, who lures kids with sweets. Her assistant is a mysterious Boguch (featuring Bartosz Wesołowski).

Ornella is played by Kamila Kamińska (b. 1984), graduate from acting on the PWSFTViT (National Film, Television and Theater School of Leon Schiller) in Łódź, performed in movies such as “Sztuka kochania”, “Listy do M 3” and the “Belfer” TV series. For her performance in movie “Najlepszy” (pl. “Best”) by Łukasz Palkowski she has been awarded on Film Festival in Gdynia for the best film acting debut.