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“Don’t mock me. Unless you want me to use my magic wand and turn you into a wench.”

Sorceress Triss Merigold

Sorceress Triss Merigold – formerly the advisor of king Foltest and a member of the Royal Council of Temeria. After the banishment of wizards she becomes a member of a conspiracy organisation – Lodge of Sorceresses. She’s always bantering with Lambert, who calls her by her last name – Merigold. In the film, Triss is believed to be one of the most powerful sorceresses in the Northern Kingdoms. She receives a secret mission from the Lodge: to catch a rogue apprentice of the wizardry school, Ornella, who is presumably in possession of the ancient Alzur’s Almanac, containing the secrets of witchers’ mutations.

Triss is played by Magdalena Różańska (ur. 1984) a Wroclaw PWST graduate, she had her cinematic debut thanks to the main role in “The Girl from the Wardrobe”, for which she received a honorable mention at The New York Polish Film Festival for the most interesting debut; she is known from the TV shows: „Na wspólnej”, „Singielka” and „Bodo”.