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„Fuck the Kingdoms. Nobody cared what was happening to the witchers when Kaer Morhen ran with my brothers’ blood.”

Witcher Lambert

Witcher Lambert – comes from the School of the Wolf of Kaer Morhen. Reserved, cynical and rowdy monster slayer, isn’t very fond of sorceress, especially of red-haired Triss Merigold. In the movie Lambert is the only one to survive the slaughter in witcher’s keep. Since that very moment Lambert struggles to fulfill the oath he made and take revenge on Agaius, who was the originator of the massacre. But the world is changing, and the witchers, seen as wicked degenerates, aren’t welcome anymore.

Lambert is portayed by Mariusz Drężek (b. 1972), graduate from PWST (National Theatrical School) in Wrocław, known from movies like, among others, “Płynące wieżowce” (“Floating Skyscrapers”, “Rezerwat”, “Disco Polo”, and TV shows: “Prokurator”, “Pitbull”, “Oficer”, “Naznaczony”.